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Welcome to Packety Pack!

To help you get started we've provided you with some default categories, items, and tasks. If they don't match your needs, you can change or delete them, and add new ones.

Categories are the things you might do or experience on a trip at some point. For example, if you often travel to places where the weather is hot, you might want to have a category called "Hot Weather". The list of packing categories should contain every kind of thing you might ever do or experience. Whenever you pack for a trip you will select the categories that match the things you expect to do or experience on that particular trip.

Items contains the list of every thing that you might ever want to pack. A subset of these items will be selected each time you make a packing list. When you add a new item to the master list of Items, check off categories to indicate when you will need the item. For example, if you add "Flip-flops" as an item, you probably want to check the "Hot Weather" category for that item. Check the special category called "Always" if you will always want to pack that item for every trip you take.

Tasks contains the list of anything that you might ever need to do before leaving on a trip. Tasks can be assigned to categories just like items can.

Once you've created all of the categories, items, and tasks that you need, you're ready to create a packing list. Click the Pack tab, and select all of the categories for the things you will do on your trip, and then click the "Create Packing List" button.

We'll save all of your categories and items for you. Next time you travel, just select the categories and go!

If you still need help, please feel free to contact us.

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